Home steel belt elevator Z series: ZADIM 8000/ZADIM 8100
Born In The World , Come Into Being

The newly listed ZADIM Z8000 (Platform model) / Z8100 (Cabin model) series steel belt elevator is a perfect combination of art and technology. Draw materials from Scandinavian nature and humanities, Combining Swedish functionalism and humanism, Deduced a design aesthetic that is beautiful and practical, Bring a refreshing and enjoyable experience to your daily life.

This series of products adopts a steel belt platform structure, Has a traction balance system. Equipped with glass double doors, The hoistway is equipped with a starry sky ceiling as standard, Using high-strength aluminum alloy hoistway frame structure, With fluorocarbon paint or electrostatic powder spraying treatment, On the basis of satisfying the use function, we also retains the original texture of the metal; The colorful background wall will be matched with controllable lighting effects, Let the elevator become a work of art in the change of light and shadow; New and modern touch screen keys are all closely integrated with ergonomics, make the operation easier and more convenient.

Home screw platform lift Z series: ZADIM 7000
Exclusive Elevators Tailor-Made For Your Beloved

ZADIM Z7000 series screw platform elevators are suitable for private villas, duplex buildings and other residences. Adopt the screw drive system imported from Sweden, Based on the design requirements of home elevators, Z7000 series platform lift has better overall machine performance and safety. This series of products are driven by the safe and reliable screw drive system, The screw nut technology is innovated and developed by Sweden, which is the "Hometown of Screw Lift". Door column and hoistway adopt the patented design of full column side insertion,will guarantee the ultimate safety of the home living; By using an enhanced car frame system, the lift can still run smoothly when it is loaded with heavy objects; The door shaft adopts the sky-earth shaft design, and is matched with aluminum alloy integral glass door frame; The door panel is equipped with a light curtain sensor system, which is not only safe but also has no dead ends. The Z7000 series condenses cutting-edge technology with clever ideas, and uses technology to carry our comfortable life!

The reasons why you choose ZADIM lift
our advantages
Enjoyable space
ZADIM lift minimum reserved size is 860mm*860mm, with high space utilization. The PIT and separate machine room is no need for its own shaft.
Swedish design
The design originates from Sweden, the capital of machinery manufacturing, and inherits the Nordic design aesthetics. It has the advantages of fashion, elegance, simplicity and purity, which can meet the diverse home decoration environment.
Safe and reliable
Use independent customized drive, smooth and smooth traffic; equipped with intelligent safety switch door lock, verification device, as well as safety sensor and dual brake system, to protect your safety in many ways.
Unified management
ZADIM Sweden Sibeim’s wholly-owned subsidiary in China is under unified management, The products are developed and produced by the headquarters in strict compliance with the highest standards of safety and quality in Sweden and the European Union.

ZADIM Elevator is headquartered in Sweden, which is a manufacturer of vertical elevators with a high reputation for quality and design. Our products mainly focus on screw-type elevator and house lifts.With Swedish precision and quality design, they have won the trust of countless families around the world and successfully provided them A home elevator solution.

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